MAZA v0.10.2 Released

MAZA v0.10.2

Oct 16, 2016 ~ 2 min to read • feature content

MAZA v0.10.2 Released

MAZA v0.10.2

MAZA-qt and mazad v0.10.2 are now available.

Downloads are available via IPFS & IPFS Web Gateways

  • changes Mazacoin & MZC to MAZA
  • provides a clean rebase onto bitcoin upstream code
    • removes previous Zetacoin base

Important Upgrade note

Please take this time to backup your existing wallet.dat to a safe place

Those updating from older clients will need to remove the existing peers.dat file, see examples below

This release will change the default directory names from mazacoin to maza in all cases Starting the new client will create a new directory. If you would like you can

  • move the blockchain data from your old directory to the new directory
  • move your wallet.dat from the old directory to the new directory

You may also move the directory prior to starting you new client:


  mv ~/.mazacoin ~/.maza
  rm ~/.maza/peers.dat
  mv ~/.maza/mazacoin.conf ~/.maza/maza.conf


  mv ~/Library/Application\ Support/Mazacoin ~/Library/Application\ Support/Maza
  rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/Maza/peers.dat
  mv ~/Library/Application\ Support/Maza/mazacoin.conf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Maza/maza.conf


  xcopy  %APPDATA%\Mazacoin %APPDATA%\Maza\ /E
  del  %APPDATA%\Maza\peers.dat
  ren  %APPDATA%\Maza\mazacoin.conf   %APPDATA%\Maza\maza.conf

Downloading via IPFS

While we strive to keep our websites and other services as secure as possible, we simply cannot keep them as secure as the MAZAchain, or its cousin IPFS, the Interplanetary File System. For this reason, we now provide all of our downloads, and signed official sources via IPFS.

Please see our docs on How to Download MAZA via IPFS

Binaries, SHA sums, gpg signatures will be made available on:


MAZA is downloaded from IPFS either with a native IPFS client on your machine (safest) or by way of a Web Gateway.

See our Download page for links and more details.

All binaries are gpg signed Please check hashes & signatures!

GPG fingerprint: DEF8 9BAC 042C 094F 3BA8 09A7 0750 81C3 91DC 22D1 Rob Nelson (Release Signing Key)

To verify a gpg signature:

my_buildmachine:$ cd ~/Directory_with_download
my_buildmachine:$ gpg --recv-keys 91DC22D1
my_buildmachine:$ gpg -k --fingerprint  91DC22D1
pub   4096R/91DC22D1 2016-10-11
      Key fingerprint = DEF8 9BAC 042C 094F 3BA8  09A7 0750 81C3 91DC 22D1
uid       [  full  ] Rob Nelson (Release Signing Key) <>
sub   4096R/17BA4334 2016-10-11
sub   4096R/93AEC55F 2016-10-11

my_buildmachine:$ gpg --verify MAZA_v0.10.2_release-IPFS-hashes.sig
gpg: assuming signed data in 'MAZA_v0.10.2_release-IPFS-hashes'
gpg: Signature made Tue Oct 11 10:57:11 2016 PDT using RSA key ID 93AEC55F
gpg: Good signature from "Rob Nelson (Release Signing Key) <>" [full]