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The Roadmap to MAZA

finance and data with built in transparency and accountability

Maza Coin began as a new crypto currency back in 2013 with a focus on providing Oglala Sioux a more independent economy. Now it wants to impact the Native American and other sovereign community economies for the better. As a currency is designed to be a form of digital money that is secure, transparent, and decentralized, allowing users to make transactions without the need for a third-party intermediary. But is more than just a coin. We have further positioned ourselved to leverage the full potential of blockchain technology in an effort to help tribal and other communities gain a better foothold in the overall global community. Whether you use Mazacoin as a secure means to pay for goods and services or harness our advanced block chain for secure document retention and security, its there for you, at your fingertips 24/7. What can Mazacoin do for you?

founder, Payu Harris

Mazacoin Documentary on Mashable

Mazacoin Documentary on Mashable

Original 2014 Whitepaper - where it all began, Anonymous Pirate

Mazacoin for Tribes and for Taxes and Gaming - June 2022, Payu Harris

MAZA use and projects


Permanant Storage

People have been etching information into the MAZA blockchain using Apertus.

Services and Apps

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News, milestones, and current projects.

Servers added for redundancy and to support being added to Komodo Mobile Wallet

Servers added for redundancy and to support being added to Komodo Mobile Wallet
September 2023

Tribal Chairmans Association - October 2022

Tribal Chairmans Assoc.
October 2022

MazaCoin, the dream of a sovereign monetary system for indigenous people is still alive

MIT Technology Review
April 2022
He created an indigenous digital currency. The dream is still alive.

the protector



Wallets, Exchanges, and Mining

MAZA-qt v. splash screen
It is best to keep your MAZA in a wallet that you have control of. That is why you should first install a wallet to store your coins! Our official desktop wallet can be downloaded from github and is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. There is an option to do hive mining in the official wallet.


Komodo Wallet logo
The Komodo Wallet allows you access to your private keys so you have possession of your own coins. This is a multi-coin wallet that includes a DEX (decentralized exchange). So, you can hold many different coins in it and buy and sell them with other Komodo wallet users.

Komodo Wallet

Mazacoin Documentary on Mashable

Mazacoin Tutorial: Trading Basics

But How do I get Maza in the first place?

You can get MAZA from someone else directly or you can buy it on an exchange. To buy on an exchange first you must obtain some other cryoto to buy it with, like bitcoin or litecoin. Watch the video on the left for instructions and look below for links to exchanges.

More Tools of the Trade

Exchanges, Block Explorers, Mining, and Charts

Once you have a wallet, MAZA can be earned by mining or bought in exchanges. When you start making transactions in MAZA you can find and track those transactions in a block explorer. You might also want to look up historical price trends and other charts.


  • FreiXlite Litecoin (LTC) market
  • FreiExchange - Bitcoin (BTC) market
  • Altquick Exchange - BTC/MAZA swap
  • Altquick Swap - BTC/MAZA swap, no account necessary
  • Exbitron - exchange with DOGE and USDT
  • Komodo formerly Atomic Dex - a decentralized exchange (DEX) inside your own wallet, no account necessary and you hold your own coins

Explore and Chart

More fun with MAZA

  • Apertus - etch data, text and images, into the MAZA chain
  • - social platform for Maza and a handful of other coins. There are air-drops, games, NFTs, market/service place, publishing, and trading. They state that it is for temporary use and give the sound advise: "Never keep more art/data on a centralized server than you can afford to lose."   This is a fun place.   Do explore it.



hive mining in the wallet
Hive Mining - purchase bees with MAZA within the Maza-QT core wallet. The bees work on the blockchain to find blocks.
Hive Mining Guide
video tutorial
CPU Mining - MAZA 0.16.3 incorporates the MinotaurX algorithm to allow for mining by CPU miners without ASIC equipment.
Minotaurx mining pool stats
SHA-256 mining - is still enabled, however, ASICBoost is no longer supported.
SHA-256 mining pool stats
Where to Find Us
If you would like to help towards the development of MAZA or join in the MAZA community join us on Telegram
We are also on Discord and other platforms.