-- MazaCoin --
National Currency of the Traditional Lakota Nation

MazaCoin is an all new fork of the ZetaCoin project that branched from BitCoin. MazaCoin is the Official National Currency of the Traditional Lakota Nation.

First Sovereign National Crypto-Coin In History

Crypto-currency is a commodity, like gold. It's value is primarily determined by consensus of the users in a free and open marketplace.

MazaCoin has been carefully designed to have a minimum useful life-span of at least a century (probably considerably more). MazaCoin is the first Crypto-Currency that uses SHA-256 Proof-Of-Work that has been specifically designed to mimic the value curve and rarity of precious metal commodities.

The feature set and algorythmic variations in MazaCoin have been chosen to make MazaCoin the most useful crypto-currency in the world. With a strong emphasis on anti-deflationary measures to ensure stability of value for the purpose of wealth storage, combined with a fast blockchain and ultra-low fees for usability in transmission - MazaCoin is an ideal Crypto-Currency investment.

Looking forward, the MazaCoin Development Team will focus on new and innovative ways to further incorporate MazaCoin into the economic apparatus of the Traditional Lakota Nation, and to develop tools and strategies for incorporating MazaCoin into the global Crypto-Currency markets.

Crypto-Currency in general, and MazaCoin in particular - is extremely well suited for the purpose of a national currency. Unlike precious metals or even some sort of fiat, which would entail huge resources in mining and/or minting with a devastating amount of damage to the environment - Crypto-Currency offers a clean, democratic and environmentally sound monetary system.